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Sharpening, Hardware, Power Equipment Sales & Repair

Scranton Grinder has been a trusted name since 1921! We have seen many changes in sharpening methods and equipment, our hardware store, and our power equipment sales and repair. Through it all, one thing has remained consistent, customer trust. Thank you for allowing us to serve you through the years!

Sharpening Services

Sharpening Services Logo At Scranton Grinder, we take sharpening seriously. Having started with free hand grinding and honing to jig grinding and now to the latest technology, automatic grinding, we have always been pushing to the forefront of ensuring our customers receive the sharpest blade. In this technological age, we are proud to carry this innovative spirit forward and make our services available nationally on our Sharpening Services website. You can expect the same great home town service you have come to expect with the convenience of seeing all of our sharpening services available on one dedicated site. Join us as we take the best sharpening services to the rest of the nation.

Knife Rentals

Our sharpening services are renowned, but when pair with our knife rentals, you are getting the best of all. You already know our team of sharpening experts use the latest technology to assure you a perfect cutting “V” on your blade. In addition though, our rental service, which includes expert sharpening on your rented knives, will keep you supplied with sharp knives while we restore the burr, or if necessary raise a new one. You are never without access to the sharp knives you need!

Power Equipment Sales and Repair

Discount Power Equipment Logo You have come to trust the name of Scranton Grinder for your power equipment needs and we are hard at work extending this trust you have come to expect at the national level. Scranton Grinder is proud to provide you access to national level service through our Discount Power Equipment brand. So if you are looking around our website and wondering where the power equipment is at, please note that it is all located on our Discount Power Equipment website. Don't worry though, you will get that great Scranton Grinder service you have come to expect from the regional leader in power equipment sales and repair.

Hardware Store

When it comes to access to the hardware you need when you need it, you can't beat the quick in and out experience you receive at Scranton Grinder. We don't strive to be the big box store stocking 30 hammers, we stock the brands you trust and back them with the service expertise you expect. Stop by and see how our hardware inventory and on staff experts can help you, whether you are full time contractor or a weekend warrior, our team is here to assist.

Additional Services

Can't seem to find a service on our new website? It is likely we are adding in shortly as we build out our website. In the mean time, feel free to contact us using the form on the right of this page or take a look at our Contact Us page where you can find our address and hours of operation.


We like a good buy as much as anyone and are preparing special deals for you. Stay tuned as the dust clears from our website construction project.